Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Learning About Hunger

We had some visitors this afternoon.  Mrs. Hanson and a group of Second Grade students have been working on a project about hunger.  They did research and created wonderful poster boards on the subject.  What was the best thing about this great project?  Mrs. Hanson and the students shared them with US!

These students were amazing!  They worked so hard on their projects and they were able to teach us about hunger.  Best of all, they were also able to teach us about our upcoming service learning event...ImpactLives.  Since we have not been at Northview before for this special event, we don't know too much about it or what it will be like on March 15.  These students showed us what the packages of food will look like, talked to us about what it is like to pack food for others, and taught us about how important it is to do things for others.

We can NOT wait for March 15!!  Thank you, Mrs. Hanson and the Second Grade students, for teaching us.

Remember the other day when we traced and cut out our handprints and foot print?  Well, we finally finished the project today.  Did you guess what they are?

If you guessed bald eagle, you were correct!

Tomorrow we will add writing to this project by writing facts about bald eagles.  Stay tuned!

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