Monday, February 25, 2013

Dr. Seuss and Bald Eagles

Guess who has a birthday this week?  Dr. Seuss!  His birthday is on March 2 and he would be 109 years old.  We will be reading lots of Dr. Seuss books throughout the week to celebrate and participate in Read Across America.

This afternoon we read the book 'My Little Book of Bald Eagles' by Hope Irvin Marston.  Before we started reading, Mrs. Kurt asked us what things we wondered about eagles.  We actually had lots of questions, like what do eagles eat?  Where are their nests?  Do they fly south for the winter?  After we shared our questions, Mrs. Kurt read us the book.  Almost all of our questions were actually answered in the book!  We had a fabulous discussion about the story.

Then we started our project.  We cut out two hands and one footprint.

Then we glued the hands on to each side of the footprint.

Then we added white feathers to the top and bottom of the footprint.  We still have a few more steps to go to finish this project...can you guess what it might be?  Check out the blog tomorrow to find out!

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