Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sea Creature Story Problems

In Math, we will soon be working together in groups to create story problems about sea creatures.  Before we do this, we are going to practice by acting out some problems.  Today we got to choose which sea creature we wanted to be in the problems.  Our choices were mother whale, whale calf, mother seal, seal pup or hungry shark.  When we made out choice, we got a picture of the creature, wrote our name on it, decorated it and added it to a class graph.  Then we decorated the sea creatures to make necklaces for our "costumes".  Since we still had six friends out sick today, we will hopefully finish this tomorrow.  We want to be sure everyone gets to have a part in our dramas!

In Art, Ms. Sunderland is teaching us about texture.  We were able to find different textures in and around the Art room and used crayons to make rubbings.  We did a museum walk of the papers we created when we got back to our classroom so everyone could see each other's cool work.

Remember how we practiced making hearts yesterday?  Well, today we drew hearts and finger painted them for Valentine's Day!

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