Monday, October 5, 2015

Our Very Busy Day!

In Math, we have been busy learning all about shapes and patterns.  Today we started making our own quilt squares using paper patterns.  We will construct a class quilt using these squares tomorrow so watch for the finished product!

Today was the first day we used our very own Drawing and Writing Journals in Kindergarten!  We are super excited about this.  We use our journals during Writer's Workshop, which a pretty important part of our Literacy Block.  We are using these journals to draw and even write our own stories.  We also take time to share some of our stories at the end of our Writer's Workshop each day.  Sometimes we might share with a partner, or maybe with a small group of friends or sometimes we might get to share our work on the SMART Board and teach the class about our writing.  


One of the biggest highlights in Kindergarten is Cycle Day 2.  That is the day we get to have Physical Education for our Specialist time!

Meet Mr. Nelson!

Mr. Chad Nelson is our Physical Education teacher at Northview Elementary.  He is a great teacher who always encourages us to do our best and to try things, even when we think they might be too hard.  Mr. Nelson has also been busy teaching us new games for our Peaceful Playground activities that we can use during our recess time, too.  

Sometimes we have gym class inside at Northview...

…and sometimes we get to have gym outdoors, like we did today.  We are working on throwing and kicking skills.  And did I mention we LOVE going to gym??  Well, we do!  Thanks, Mr. Nelson, for being an All Star Teacher!

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