Thursday, October 8, 2015

Writer's Workshop

We are working hard in Writer's Workshop these days.  Ms. Kieltyka and Mrs. Kurt co-teach Writer's Workshop in our classroom.  We begin each session with someone telling us a story about something in their life.  Everyone can tell a story so we have been practicing this.  When we are done telling our stories, we ask if anyone has questions or comments.  It is such good practice speaking in front of our peers and it is also good for listening and asking questions!



We introduced our Drawing and Writing Journals this week.  We are learning the procedures for how to get them, where we keep them and how to put them away when we are finished with them.

We are learning that writers start by thinking about what they want to write.  Then writers make a plan.  Sometimes our stories might just be a picture.  Sometimes we add details to the pictures and sometimes we even add words.  We are having fun using our new journals!



One of the most important parts of our Writer's Workshop is the sharing we do at the end.  We share our work in lots of different ways.  This week, we took turns showing our work on the SMART Board using the document camera.  This way, everyone can see our work and the student who is sharing "teaches" the others about what they did in their journal that day!


We get to listen to our friends, ask questions about their writing and make comments, too.  It has been fun and we can't wait to do more writing!


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