Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fire Prevention Day at Northview

Look at these cute fire fighters…ready for our fire drill and our visitors from the Eagan Fire Department!

After our fire drill, we got to visit this cool fire truck.  Fire fighter Morrison showed us all around the truck.  We got to see all of the equipment fire fighters use.  The highlight was getting to get in the truck and see the inside of it!




After we visited the truck, we went to our classroom and got to meet two more fire fighters.  They taught us lots of things about what to do in case of a fire…how to stop, drop and roll, to find a meeting place, that if we ever have a fire at our house to get out and stay out, along with many other important safety rules.  



One of the most important parts of the presentation was Fire Fighter Ben showing us what he would look like when he is dressed in his gear.  He did this so that if we ever have fire fighters come to our house, we would know what they look like and we won't be scared.  And the coolest thing of all?  We learned that Fire Fighter Ben is a former Northview All Star!!!

Of course we had to take a photo with our silly faces, too!

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