Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Observing Trees

We are beginning our unit of study on trees.  We learned today that scientists observe things.  That means that they look at things and see what they notice.  Since we are actually scientists beginning our study of trees, we decided to do the same thing.  We don't have any trees inside our classroom,  so we decided there was only one thing to do…we put on our jackets and went outdoors to observe the trees in our schoolyard!



It was a little bit chilly, but we observed and learned lots of new things about the trees at Northview!



We were actually quite surprised to learn that there are so many different types of trees in our schoolyard!


We discovered that the bark on some trees felt rough, but it was smooth on others.


We found a hole in this tree and we wondered if anything might live in the hole in this tree?





 We collected a few artifacts from our short observation.  We will use these things in our research center.  We are very excited to be scientists and learn more about trees!

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