Thursday, October 22, 2015

Math Work Places

About one day a week, we spend time during Math doing our Math Work Places.  Math Work Places are activities designed for individuals or small groups that focus on some of the skills we work on in Math.  Doing work places during Math is teaching us to be responsible for the materials in each work place, how to work together in a small group of by ourselves, and how to treat the materials in a respectful, safe manner.

We use this pocket chart to help us know what to do.  On the left are cards that tell us which work places we will be using that day.  To the right of each card are our name cards.  These tell us specifically which work place to go to.  Today, we used the following work places:  Beat You to Ten; Geoboard Shapes; Unifix Cube Patterns; Which Bug Will Win?; Polydrons and Pattern Blocks.  After we look at the pocket chart, we find our assigned work place and get to work!








Participating in Math work places is helping us to become more independent with our learning.  It is also lots of fun and we love doing it!

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