Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Great Day!

In Writer's Workshop, we content to practice our storytelling skills.  Each session begins with a friend telling us a story about something real in their life.  When the student is done, our classmates get to ask questions or make comments on the story.  We are learning to be great speakers and great listeners!


Next, we have our mini lesson.  Today, Ms. Kieltyka modeled a lesson for us about visualizing.  We learned that visualizing means to make a picture in your mind or a mental image.  If writers visualize their story, it helps them to draw or write their story.  So cool!

Then we have writing time.  We work in our own Drawing and Writing journals and draw or write our own stories.  Look at what some of us did today...


Here, one of our friends drew a story about his brother being sick and not able to go trick or treating.  Look at the great details!


In this one, a friend drew her story.  Then she went back and added some words or labels to her picture to help the reader understand it better.

And in this story, this friend made a mistake when she was drawing her picture.  The cool thing is she did not get frustrated or upset…she just fixed it quick and moved on!  At the end of our Writer's Workshop sessions, we share our great writing each day.

I have to say that this was one of our best days in Kindergarten so far.  Everyone worked so hard and had such great attitudes!  I was so proud that everyone earned a Shining Star for the day.  Congratulations, Kindergartners!  Keep up the good work!

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