Thursday, October 16, 2014

Writer's Workshop and Patterns

In Writer's Workshop this week, we have been very busy!  We start each day with a friend of two sharing a story orally.  This is helping us to feel more comfortable speaking in front of our peers and it gives us a chance to share our great stories.  We have also been focusing on drawing people when we draw and write our stories in our Drawing and Writing Journals.  

Lots of times when we draw people, we make stick figures or when we draw faces, we just make circles.  Mrs. Kurt and Ms. Kieltyka have been teaching us to really observe what a person looks like before we draw them.  We are noticing the shapes of their heads, eyes, and even body parts and we are trying our best to sketch what a person actually looks like.  Then we have been working on carrying this skill over to the stories we are drawing in our Drawing and Writing Journals.

Mrs. Kurt was our model one day.  She had to sit really still!



One of the most important parts of our Writer's Workshop each day is our sharing time at the end od our class time.  Some days we share in a large group.  Some days we share in small groups, and some days we share our work with a partner.  We feel proud of our accomplishments in Writer's Workshop and it is fun to share what we have done!


In Math, we are working hard on patterns.  We have been noticing patterns everywhere…in our classroom, in our school and even on the clothes we wear.  This week we have been busy building and extending patterns using our unifix cubes and workplace activities.  We will be working on creating and extending more complicated patterns in the next few days, too.



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