Friday, October 3, 2014

Drawing and Writing Journals

Did you know that stories are everywhere?  Well, we are learning that!  We can't believe how many stories we have to share.  We have been sharing most of our stories by telling our friends about them.  After all, everyone can tell a story!  Our next step has been to start drawing about our stories in our Drawing and Writing Journals.

We began by telling our story to the class.  Then, we would show Mrs. Kurt and Ms. Kieltyka where we would draw our stories on the page or pages of our journals.


It is pretty cool that we are all responsible for our own journals.  We get to decide which way we want to have the pages when we draw our stories.  We also get to choose which drawing or writing tool we want to use…pencils, crayons, colored pencils, etc.  It's really fun!


At the end of Writing Workshop each day, we take time to share our stories.  We are working hard on being good audience members and speakers to the group.

 For the last two days, we are learning how to draw faces.  We each had a partner and we had to take turns being the model and then being the artist.  Did you know when you are the model you have to sit really still for a long time?  And, when you are the artist, you need to take your time and observe what the model really looks like.  We have been observing lots lately.  We are also learning that we do the very best we can, and then we move on.



We really love Writing Workshop!

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