Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fire Safety

It was an exciting day in Kindergarten today.  We spent lots of time learning about fire safety.  Our day began with a fire drill.  We did an awesome job!  We made some sweet fire hats.


Then we got to go outside with Mrs. Putz's first grade class to visit a real fire truck.  Firefighters from the Eagan Fire Department showed us all around one of their trucks.  We even got to go inside the truck!




After our truck visit, we went into our classroom and met with some more fire fighters.  They showed us the gear that they wear and told us that if we ever see a fire fighter dressed like this, we don't have to be scared!


Firefighter Ben is a former Northview All Star!  It was really fun to meet him!

We spent some time working in small groups with the first graders from Mrs. Putz's class to create posters for the fire fighters.  We drew pictures, wrote a message and signed our names.  It was great working with some first graders!


Of course we took a photo of us wearing our fire hats…

and one more with our silly faces!

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