Friday, October 3, 2014

Cycle Day 3 - Music

During our Specialist time on Cycle Day 3, you will find our class in Music.  Our Music teacher is Mrs. Cindy Treb.

Mrs. Treb teaches us the importance of sitting up tall, with our shoulders back, and warming up our voices at the beginning of each class.


Mrs. Treb incorporates lots of Music in to the Kindergarten Music classes.  This is so great, especially since it seems like we go to Music at the time of day when we need to move around a bit!


Today we listened to a story with music.  This story was about some mice and a sleeping cat.  We had to use our bodies to show how the mice would be acting in the story.  We had lots of fun!


Thanks, Mrs. Treb, for sharing your love of Music with our class!

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