Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cycle Day 1 - Art

On Cycle Day 1 at specialist time, you will find our class in Art with Ms. Erica Mathieson.

In today's lesson, Ms. Mathieson taught us how to sketch a pumpkin.  She showed us by modeling on the document camera.  This camera projects the image on to the SMART Board so we can all see it better.  Then we tried sketching it on our own.

Next we learned that when we mix primary colors, we can make secondary colors.  Pretty cool.  We started out painting one section of our pumpkin yellow.  Next Ms. Mathieson gave us a drop of red paint to mix with our yellow and guess what?  It made orange!  We painted another section the new shade of orange.


Ms. Mathieson added a few more drops of red paint and we made even darker shades of orange.  By the time we had finished, we had some pretty amazing looking pumpkin paintings drying in her room.  We can't wait to see what they look like when the paint is dry!


It was a really fun lesson.  Thank, Ms. Mathieson!

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