Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yoga Calm with Mrs. Haldeman

We were lucky enough today to have a special visitor in our classroom.  Mrs. Pam Haldeman, our interim principal, came and taught us about Yoga Calm.  Mrs. Haldeman is a certified Yoga Calm instructor and is teaching us how to be ready for learning in our classroom.

Mrs. Haldeman talked to us about positive self talk and we practiced this.  These principles help us to know that we can have a good, positive attitude and that it really does help us to listen and learn.


She taught us about our breathing.


She also taught us some really cool yoga poses…mountain pose, tree pose and forward fold!



We really enjoyed Mrs. Haldeman's visit and look forward to having her teach us more about Yoga Calm.  In fact, she is even teaching our teachers at Northview all about it.  Thank you, Mrs. Haldeman!!

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