Thursday, February 27, 2014

The 100th Day of Kindergarten…Finally!

Well, we finally made it to the 100th day of Kindergarten.  It was a busy and exciting day!  We started out by sharing our bags of 100 items during Sharing Time.  We brought in lots of different things and it was interesting to see that 100 items don't always take up the same amount of space.  In fact, Kailee S.  commented that she expected her beads to fill up the entire ziploc bag…but they didn't!

Next it was time to complete our 100 Activities for the 100th Day of School.  We each had to go to ten stations and at each station, we had to do ten things, like write our names, put ten stickers on a page, make ten tally marks, etc.  When we finished, we made it in to a book!



We also had a Guest Reader, Mr. Ryan Ellingson.  He was Charlie's special guest!


Following our Yoga Calm class with Mrs. Haldeman, we did a fun 100th day team building activity.  Mrs. Kurt put us into five groups and gave each group 100 plastic cups.  Our job was to work together to create a structure.  As you might imagine, it was a little chaotic but we did a good job working together!



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