Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February Fun!

February continues to be a busy month!  Last Friday we had two guest readers…Mrs. Heidi Simms, Kailee's mom and Mr. Andrew Ditty, Maddox's dad.  We are really enjoying having our guest readers come to our room and read to us!


Since we have been having so much indoor recess. Miss Brigett decided to have us do some recess olympics.  We even got gold medals!

Today our class received a pretty cool gift from Abigail and Jacob.  They donated a book to our class called If I Had A Wish by Teresa Campbell and illustrated by Troy Davidson.  The really cool thing about this book was that it was actually signed by the author and the illustrator.  It was a great story, with lots of rhyming words.  We even learned some new vocabulary, like bliss, keen, and beaming…all words that we were not sure what they meant until we read this story.  Thanks, Abigail and Jacob!!

In Math, we spent time working on our workplaces.  After that we got to visit the Scholastic Book Fair that will be held during conferences later this week!



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  1. Looks like everyone has been very busy learning and having lots of fun! Keep it up Kindergarteners and Mrs. Kurt!

    Sarah Wall (Elizabeth's mom)