Monday, April 8, 2013

Young Scholars and Fabric

On Friday afternoons, we attend Young Scholars with Mrs. Hemsey.  During our class this past week, we worked on completing puzzles by putting two puzzle pieces together to make pictures.  It sounds a little confusing, but we were able to make houses, arrows, faces and lots of other things.  


Lunch is still one of our favorite times of the day.  We are so good at remembering our lunch numbers.  The lunchroom staff tells Mrs. Kurt what great manners we have in the lunch room, too.  That sure makes us (and our teacher) feel proud!


Today in Science, we did an activity called Fabric and Water.  We took three fabric samples:  terrycloth, satin and nylon and using an eye dropper, we added water to each type of fabric.  We observed what happened to each.  We were kind of surprised at the results.  The terrycloth absorbed the water.  The nylon repelled the water at first, but eventually absorbed it.  But the water went right through the satin.  We also noticed that water changed the color of the fabric...the color became darker when the fabric was wet.



We did some reading about fabric and where it comes from today.  Fabric can come from animal fur or hair, such as a sheep's wool.  It can also come from insects, such as cocoon fibers from the silkworm.  Yet other types of fabric are actually made from oil.  We are learning so much about fabric!  On Wednesday, we will experience what happens when we get fabric dirty and try to clean it.  That should be interesting!!!

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