Thursday, April 18, 2013

Severe Weather Awareness and Community Building

I know.  It doesn't look or feel much like spring.  However, it is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota so this afternoon we had a severe weather drill at school.  As you might imagine, it is not a very comfortable position.


We talked lots about the importance of knowing what to do at school just in case there is ever severe weather.  The kids really did a great job and seemed to understand why we practiced.  Please use this opportunity to chat with your child(ren) about what to do at home in the event of bad weather.

In our post yesterday, I mentioned we would be spending more time on community building.  We made some changes in the classroom...we moved tables, got new assigned seats and began calling our tables "teams"...for example, instead of the red table, it is now the red team.

One of our team building activities included spending three minutes talking with our writing partners.  Our job was to learn one new thing about our partner and then share it with the class.  Although we have been together for 136 days, we learned lots of new things about each other.  Each pair got to stand up and introduce each other and tell the class the one thing they learned.


We learned things like Ethan loves basketball; Sammy's favorite sport is bowling; Madi loves cotton candy ice cream and watermelon; Logan likes to play Angry Birds; Andrew likes chocolate cake...the list goes on and on!  It was fun to learn new things about each other.

Since the weather was not so good, we had another inside recess day.  Our teams each had a large piece of paper and they started working on a poster that would represent their team.  They are not quite done yet so maybe we will work on them again tomorrow.  It was great to see that teamwork happening in our room again!




It was another good day in Kindergarten Plus!

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