Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sorting and Fabric

Each day before we start Writing Workshop, the helper of the day leads the class in chanting the alphabet chart.  This helps us review the sounds that the letters make and it helps us stretch out words when we write!

In Math today, we worked in groups to come up with different ways to sort frogs.  We are getting good at working together and cooperating in groups!


In Science, we are learning more about fabric.  Yesterday we used our sense of touch to help us match types of fabric.  Using our "feely bags", a partner gave us a fabric sample.  Without looking, we had to use our hands to find a fabric sample inside the bag to match the one they gave us.  It was a little challenging for us to not use our eyes, but we did a pretty good job!


Today, we explored how fabric is made.  In order for us to do this, we actually had to take some fabric apart.  Mrs. Kurt gave each of us a sample of burlap and a sample of wool.  We observed and compared the samples.  Then we took the samples of these fabrics apart and glued them on to a piece of paper.  We noticed that the burlap had some spaces between the threads and it was pretty easy to take apart.  The threads in the wool seemed to be much closer together and it was a little harder to take apart.


 Then we learned that the threads in fabric actually have names!  The threads that go across or horizontal are called the woof; the threads that go up and down or vertical are called the warp.  We thought these were kind of funny names!

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