Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Choice Time and My Earth Day Promise

I am always fascinated by the choices the students make during Free Choice Time.  Some of them love playing with the older toys, such as Lincoln Logs.  I am always so impressed with their creativity!

Others prefer the more modern things, like an iPod or the computers.

Our Social Studies unit this week is about taking care of the earth.  Monday April 22 is Earth Day.  All week we are reading, writing and making projects to coincide with Earth Day.

This morning, we read the book "Recycle Every Day!" by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.  We brainstormed ways that even five and six year olds can help take care of the earth, like recycling our clothes that no longer fit or toys we no longer play with.  We can pick up trash.  We can turn light off when we leave a room.  We had so many awesome ideas!

Next we wrote about the one thing we could promise to do for the earth.


Then we glued our writing to the bottom of a piece of green paper.

We cut our the earth we made with our handprint and glued it to the top of the green paper.


Here is our finished project...and we are really proud of our good ideas and amazing work!

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