Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guided Reading, Social Studies and lots of Math!

It has been a busy few days in Kindergarten Plus.  It is hard to believe we have already been in school for 55 days.  I am amazed at how much we are learning and how enthusiastic these students are about school.  They love to learn!

In the mornings, one of our jobs is to sign up for milk if we want to have it at snack time.  For morning work we sometimes do our fine motor tubs or we have worksheets to do.  Today we had an addition worksheet.  We are learning about number sentences and how to write them, too.

We were able to do a few Guided Reading groups this morning.  While Mrs. Kurt taught the reading groups, the rest of us worked on our Math Workplaces.  One of our groups made some pretty sweet pattern block pictures.

We had Mix It Up Math today.  In Mrs. Kurt's group, we worked on a new activity called "What Comes Next?"  We rolled a die and wrote down the number that we rolled.  Then we wrote down the three numbers that come next, or follow the number we rolled.

In Math, we reviewed the workplace called Count and Compare Butterflies.  Our guest teacher, Mrs. Peterson, introduced it to us yesterday.  This activity focuses on the concepts of "more" and "less".  We also did some work with measurement.  Mrs. Kurt had several pieces of yarn of varying lengths in paper bags.  Each group had a bag and had to work together to observe and compare the pieces of yarn.  We used words like shorter, longer, the same, shortest and longest to describe the yarn.  Tomorrow we will complete an activity where we estimate the length of something.  Look for photos of that tomorrow!

Our Social Studies lesson today focused on the city and state that we live in.  We talked about the things that make our cities special and why we like living here.  We are busy working on a booklet about where we are in the world.

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