Saturday, November 10, 2012

Turkeys and Art Adventure

Our days in Kindergarten Plus continue to be busy!  On Thursday we took some time during our Writing Workshop to write to service men and women on active duty.  This is a great opportunity for our Kindergartners to do something meaningful for others.  One of our Northview fourth grade families organized this and are sending many supplies along with these letters.  Our hope is to brighten the day of a service man or woman and to let them know we appreciate the important job that they do.

We read the story "A Turkey for Thanksgiving" by Eve Bunting.

Since Thanksgiving will be here soon, we made turkeys to hang in our classrooms.  We made them out of paper plates, construction paper and LOTS of glue.  We did our best to make a pattern with the turkey's tail feathers.  Mrs. Radermacher hung them up in our classroom for us and they look really cute!

On Friday, we got to see some really cool pieces of art from the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  Our Northview PTO pays for parent volunteers to attend training for a program called Art Adventure.  These volunteers then visit our classrooms twice a year to teach us about various kinds of art being displayed at the Institute of Art.

Today's Art Adventure volunteer showed us some terra cotta warriors that were from China a very long time ago.  She even gave us a cool card (kind of like a baseball trading card) with more information about the exhibit.  The Minneapolis Institute of Art is a great place to visit, too!  A big thank you to Northview PTO for sponsoring this event to teach us more about Art.

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