Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Morning Meeting

I thought it might be fun for you to see what our morning routine and Morning Meeting is all about.

Each day when the students arrive, they have some specific jobs to do.  First, we check our backpacks and put things in our lockers.  Then we come in to the classroom to complete a few chores.  We put our clips on our behavior chart on the green "Ready to Learn" section.  We make our choice for lunch, sandwich or lunch from home.  

Next, we put a tally mark on our Weather Prediction chart.

Then we put our names on the milk sign up sheet to help us know who wants to have milk at snack time.

Last, we complete the morning work that Mrs. Kurt has at our table spots.

We wait for the morning news to start and when it is finished, our Morning Meeting begins!  Morning Meeting has four components:  greeting, sharing, activity and message.  Our favorite part is sharing.  We each have a special day to bring or tell something for sharing during Morning Meeting.

We also really like the we did Tooty-Ta! 

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