Friday, November 16, 2012

Patchwork Quilt and Good-Bye to a Friend

It has been a busy week in Kindergarten Plus.

We finished (and delivered) our service project for the Augustana Emerald Crest Memory Care Unit in Burnsville.  We made placemats for their Thanksgiving dinner.  We made hand print turkeys, added details and colored in the background.  It was a good experience for us to do something for others.

We also finished our patchwork quilt that we created for Math.  When it was all done, we could not believe how many patterns we were able to find in the quilt!  We hung it up in the hallway and next week we plan to write about it.  We learned how important it was to work together to finish this project.

We made special handprint turkeys to go with a Thanksgiving poem.  Today we added the details and hopefully you found it in your child's Friday Folder.

We also had to say good bye to a good friend.  Danica and her family are moving to Texas.  Although we haven't known each other that long, we are all going to miss Danica, her big smile and her excitement to learn.  We made her a special book to take along and put our pictures in it so she could remember us.  We wish Danica and her family the best as they start this new adventure in their lives.  Keep in touch!

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