Saturday, December 1, 2012

Movement and Measurement

Thursday was a fun day.  We worked on more Guided Reading and our Math Workplaces.

We have been incorporating lots of movement activities throughout our day.  Research shows that movement helps children learn, so we do some movement activities during our Morning Meeting, Math, and Free Choice time.  Today we did "Tooty Ta" in our Morning Meeting.  The students loved doing this and acting a little silly.

In Math, we danced and sang the "Counting by Fives" song.

Today in Math, we extended the activity on measurement that we started Wednesday.   We needed to estimate how long something was, so we used Mrs. Kurt's lanyard.  Each student had to look at the lanyard and estimate or guess how long it was.  Next, we had to cut a piece of yarn to show how long each person thought the lanyard was.

Then we measured to see if our piece of yarn was shorter than, the same as, or longer than the lanyard.  When we determined which one it was, we hung our yarn on the sign.

We learned that estimating is simply making a guess and that it is OK if our estimate is incorrect.  It was hard for some of us to take a risk and make an estimate, but we all did it.  It was a great learning experience!

For Social Studies, we completed our Where Am I In The World? booklet.  We worked on the country and world pages.  The students did a great job on this.

Have a great weekend!

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