Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guest Teacher, Mrs. S.

Today we had a guest teacher.  Her name is Mrs. Schissel, but we call her Mrs. S.  Mrs. S. was with us today while Mrs. Kurt was busy working on our literacy assessments.  She tested us on Concepts About Print and did our text leveling assessments so she can start our Guided Reading groups.  Mrs. Kurt said we all did a great job!

While Mrs. S. was here, our day was pretty much the same.  We are writing stories about our families in Writing Workshop and we worked on these today.

Our Social Studies unit this week is about families.  Today we talked about how families care about each other and love each other.  We made a heart collage of each of our families to show that we love and care about our family members, too.

Tomorrow we will assemble our butterfly patchwork quilt that we have been working on for Math.  Should be another awesome day in Kindergarten Plus!

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