Monday, November 19, 2012

A new friend, Guided Reading and Appreciation Circle

Meet our new friend, Madi.  Today was her first day in Kindergarten Plus and it went very well.  We are all so excited that Madi is a part of our class.  Please join us in welcoming Madi and her family to Kindergarten Plus at Northview!

We started our Guided Reading groups today and we are super excited about this!  When a guided reading group meets, we read through the book and send it home.  These books will come home in large ziploc bags with pink papers inside.  Please have your child read through the book at least three times and sign the reading log.  New books cannot be sent home until the previous one is returned.  We will typically have Reading Workshop on Thursdays and Fridays, which is when we will have guided reading groups.  However, we may have it on other days, especially when we have a week with no school on Thursday or Friday.  Please let Mrs. Kurt know if you have any questions on how this will work.

We started making our Math turkeys this afternoon.  Tune in to the blog tomorrow to see the finished product!

At the end of each school day, we have a tradition in our classroom called Appreciation Circle.  We meet as a group by Mrs. Kurt's rocking chair and each of us tells something that we appreciated about our day.  This helps us to end our day on a positive note as well.  Today some of the things we appreciated were choice time, Music class, meeting a new friend, playing with friends on the playground and many others.

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