Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Chicks and Measurement

Even though it hasn't looked much like spring outside, we decided to make a cute spring chick project to make it look more like spring inside!

First, we sponge painted pastel colored paints in a pattern on a large piece of construction paper.  We let the paper dry overnight.  The next day, we started by cutting out a cute, yellow chick.

Our next step was to make our rectangular piece of paper into an oval shape by cutting off the corners.  Then we cut a zig zag line right across the center of the oval to make it look like an egg that had cracked open.


We glued the yellow chick to the bottom half of the egg and used a paper fastener to connect the top half of the egg to the bottom.



They turned out so cute and are now hanging in our hallway to brighten our day!

In Math, we are learning about measurement.  On our calendar board for April, we are learning about the different kinds of tools that are used to measure time, weight, temperature and length.  We are also learning about using standard units of measure.  We decided to use the unifix cubes as standard units of measure.  We put them together in groups of ten cubes and then estimated how long we were.  Then we actually measured people to see how close our estimates were.  FUN!


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