Thursday, April 17, 2014

Coloring Eggs

Today we had the opportunity to learn about coloring eggs with a special guest.  Mrs. Sarah Wall, Elizabeth's mom, came and taught us about dyeing eggs by using natural ingredients.  She created dye for the eggs by using red cabbage, blueberries and tumeric.


She showed us some eggs that she and her daughters had already dyed at home.  The colors were really cool!


Then we each got an egg and got to choose which dye we wanted to put the egg in to.

We had to put the eggs in the dye carefully so they did not break.


We were able to leave the eggs sit in the dye overnight.  Mrs. Wall put them in the refrigerator for us.  Tomorrow we will get to take them out of the dye and bring them home.  Thanks, Mrs. Wall, for showing us some cool science today!!

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