Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Revising our Writing

Welcome back from Spring Break!  I was so excited to have all of my friends back at Northview.  There are only 48 days of school left in this year and we have lots to accomplish!


This week, in Writing Workshop, we are learning about revising our writing.  We are really getting to be good writers!  We are remembering to begin sentences with upper case letters, put spaces between our words and to use punctuation marks at the end of our sentences.  Even though we are remembering to do all of these things, we still sometimes make mistakes.  We are working with our writing partners to revise our writing.

A good writing partner has two important jobs…to help us be better writers and to take care of our feelings.  We want to be sure we tell our partners in a positive way how they can make their writing even better.  We will be working on this throughout this week.


We also started designing our kindergarten plates.  We draw a picture on a round piece of paper and we send the papers to the company in Texas that makes our pictures in to a plate.  We are so excited to get these done and sent so we can get them back!!


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