Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kindergarten Plates and Incubators

Big day in Kindergarten…the plates arrived!  They should have come home in your child's back pack today.  There is a sticker on the back of the plate with directions on how to take care of it.  Enjoy!

Our next Science unit is Animals 2 x 2.  We started preparing for this today by setting up our class incubator.  The incubator is home to the six eggs we will attempt to hatch successfully, somewhere on or close to May 20.  The incubator sits on the counter near the sink in our classroom and needs to be kept at 97 degrees.  The yellow rack you see inside the incubator is the egg turner.


We learned that the purpose of the incubator is to keep the eggs warm so they can hatch.  It takes eggs 21 days to hatch, so we are going to learn lots about being patient!  We put water in a trough in the bottom of the incubator to keep the humidity levels up.  We took some time to let everyone look inside and see what it looks like.  Tomorrow when we get to school, there will be six eggs inside!


After we learned about the incubator, we decided to make a K-W-L chart about the chicks.  K-W-L stands for what we already know; what we want to learn (or wondering about) and what we did learn.  Today we worked on the first two parts…what we already know and what we want to know, or what we are wondering about.  Here is what we came up with:


Our Science unit includes learning about goldfish and guppies and pill bugs and sow bugs.  It is going to be an exciting month of May!!  Stay tuned...

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