Thursday, April 10, 2014

Seeds and Taking Care of the Earth

This week, we continue to observe and write about our bean seeds that we have in our classroom.  We are learning about seeds and plants and know that seeds need soil in order to germinate.  However, once your bury a seed in soil, you can't see what happens underground.  We placed a bean seed and a wet cotton ball inside a ziploc bag.  We taped the bags to our classroom window so they could get sunlight.  We check the bags daily and we write about what we observe in our plant journals.  Some of the seeds have not changed much yet, but some are showing lots of changes.  We are seeing some roots, root hairs and even a few sprouts.  It is so exciting to be able to see what would usually be underground.  


Obviously, these photos were taken last Friday.  Now there is no snow outside our window!

April 22, 2014 is Earth Day.  We will be learning lots about taking care of the earth and things that even five and six year olds can do to take care of the earth.  We started one of our projects this week.  We worked together with Mrs. Schlagel's class to paint our hand prints to make the world.  Mrs. Schlagel's class added the green handprints, to represent the land, and our class added the blue handprints, to represent the water.  It is hanging in the hallway between both kindergarten rooms.  We will be doing some community writing to explain our promise to the earth and adding this to the display.  Stay tuned!


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