Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Soiling and Washing Fabric

As we continue our unit in Science titled Materials in our World, we took some time to see what would happen to our fabric samples when we soiled them.  Soiled means to make them dirty…boy, did we ever!  We used three things…ketchup, mustard and chocolate syrup.  We each had a sample of fabric and soiled the fabric using these three things and popsicle sticks.  You can't believe how much fun it was to do this part of the activity.



Then we had a problem…soiled fabric.  How could we get it clean?  First, we tired cleaning it with scrub brushes and plain water.  It did help some, but it did not get all the stains out.  Hmm…now what?


We gathered back on the rug and decided we needed to try something else.  We chatted about what our parents might use when they wash fabric, like our clothes, and someone suggested we try using some soap.  Brilliant!


This worked much better, especially when it came to removing the ketchup and the chocolate syrup.  We did discover that the mustard stains were a little more stubborn, and even the soap did not help us get them all the way out.  We learned that doing laundry would be hard work!

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