Saturday, December 8, 2012

Candy Canes, Bells and Wilderness Classroom

It has been a busy few days in Kindergarten Plus!

We finally finished our pattern project.  Did you guess what it was?  They look very nice hanging in our classroom!

We made a holiday bell project while Mrs. Kurt did some Guided Reading groups.  They are hanging out in the hall.  You will be able to see them next Friday if you come for our gingerbread houses.

On Friday afternoon, we went to a special assembly in the gym.  We had a guest speaker, Amy Freeman, who came to talk to us about the Wilderness Classroom.  Amy and her husband Dave are traveling from Alaska to Florida, and along the way they visit schools and talk to kids about the environment.  They were recently in the New Jersey area when Hurricane Sandy hit.

Amy showed us lots of equipment that they use, such as mukluks and dog sleds.  She also introduced us to a very special guest, Uncle Fennel.  Uncle Fennel is one of their sled dogs and we really liked meeting him!

If you would like more information on the wilderness classroom, you can visit their website at:  We will definitely be checking it out and following them at school.

Have a great weekend!

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