Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Learning More About Wood

In Science, we continue to learn about wood.  On Monday at the end of the day, we put a piece of pine, basswood, red cedar, plywood and particle board in a basin of water to see if they would float or sink.  When we left on Monday, all five samples were floating.  When we came back to school on Tuesday, we observed that only one sample - the particle board - had sunk.  The other four were still floating!

So today, we decided to try and see how we could make a piece of pine and a piece of plywood sink.  We got a basin of water, the wood samples and decided to add some weight to the wood samples.  We used paper clips and rubber bands.  We started adding paper clips to the samples of wood to see how much weight we needed to sink the wood samples.  Guess what we discovered?

It took 24 paper clips to sink the sample of plywood and 18 paper clips to sink the piece of pine.  We had a lot of fun doing this investigation!

In Math, we learned about growing patterns.  A growing pattern is a pattern that increases or decreases by a constant difference.  We made ladybugs, each with two spots.  After we made the ladybugs, we put them together to create a growing pattern.  Isn't it cool?

We continue to add to our Science Notebooks.  Our questions was:  What is made of wood?  Just like in Writing Workshop, we thought about our idea, sketched it and wrote the words.

We had some pretty cool visitors for lunch today.  Our friend, Mr. Cow, came to see if we were drinking our milk.  (He is actually Mrs. Fleck's student teacher!)  Luckily, we were.  In fact, our class is one of the few classes that drinks all of their milk every day at lunch time!

Sam's mom came for lunch today, too.  We love having visitors for lunch.  If you ever want to join us, we go to lunch at 12:45.

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