Monday, December 10, 2012

A Snowy Day!

Finally...our first recess with snow!!  We have been waiting for this day for a long time and we were so excited.  I think the hardest part of our day was getting everything to fit inside our lockers.  It does all fit but it is going to take us some time to practice and get better at fitting all of our things in.

We also discovered that it took lots longer to get ready to head out for recess.  But once we did, it was worth it!

In Science, we worked on a new investigation called Wood and Water.  We learned more vocabulary words, such as 'communicate', 'absorb', 'bead', 'sink' and 'float'.  First we explored using an eye dropper and water.  It was fun.  Then we used the eye droppers to place water on samples of particleboard and red cedar.  We observed and noticed that the wood gets darker when it is wet.  We also noticed that the water was absorbed in the particleboard faster than the red cedar.

Next we tried adding water to the samples of plywood, pine and basswood.

We were curious to learn if our wood samples would sink or float.  We put one of each of the wood samples in a basin of water.  Initially, they all floated but we were still curious, so we decided to let them stay in the water overnight.  We made some predictions about what we think will happen.  We will check the basin in the morning to see so you will have to check the blog tomorrow to see what we discover!

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