Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Art Adventure

We had a special guest in our class room today.  Mrs. Sherry Landrud was here to teach us about three very beautiful pieces of art on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  The Northview PTO pays for volunteers to attend training at the Institute so they can come back to our school and teach us about the artwork there.  It is a wonderful program and we are so grateful to our PTO for providing this for our children!

Mrs. Landrud taught us about a beautiful painting called "Rainy Evening on Hennepin Avenue" painted by Robert Koehler in 1902.  She also taught us about cradleboards and some beautiful Japanese helmets.  All of these items are on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  Mrs. Landrud will be back in April to teach us about three more beautiful pieces of art.  We can't wait!!





Mrs. Landrud is a former teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students.  She taught us some sign language, too.  We are excited for her to come teach us more.  Thank you, Mrs. Landrud and the Northview PTO for providing this awesome program!

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