Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What Happens When Wood Gets Wet?

Today our kindergarten scientists investigated what happens when wood gets wet.  We made some predictions about what we thought would happen, and then set out to find out for ourselves!


First, we needed to get our lab coats and safety glasses on.


Then we had to learn about some procedures and gather all the materials we would need.  We needed a cup of water, an eyedropper, a sample of red cedar wood and a sample of particleboard.  First we learned how to use eyedroppers and  got to practice with them.



Next, we had to see what would happen if we added water, using the eyedropper, to the wood samples.  We did some observing…that means to look at something closely!



We gathered back on the rug to discuss our observations.  We had some really good things to share!


When scientists observe things during an investigation, it is important for them to record what they observed and then report their observations.




Many thanks to Ms. Kieltyka and Mrs. Radermacher for helping us out during our investigation.  We are excited to see what our next investigation will be!

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