Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Materials in our World

We are off to a great start with our new unit of study…Materials in our World.  We have learned that materials are anything that things are made of…wood, plastic, glass, rubber, and so many more.  We are learning lots about being scientists.  Scientists have to observe, which means to look closely at something.  Sometimes we need to use our other senses to observe things.  Scientists also notice and compare things.  Scientists also record their findings.

We have been observing and recording on fire different types of wood…basswood, cedar, pine, particleboard and plywood.



We have also set up a Research Station set up in our classroom that we used during Managed Independent Learning.  Here we get to examine the different types of wood samples, saw dust and wood shavings.  We record our observations, too.  As you can see, we actually look like scientists when we are in the Research Station!




Watch for more exciting posts on Materials in our World!

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