Saturday, May 3, 2014

Learning About Opinions

One of the things we have been discussing lots lately is opinions.  In our Reading Workshop read aloud stories, we talk about the opinions of the author and even the characters in the stories often.  We are learning that people have different opinions and that is O.K.  We do not have to agree with the opinions of others, but we do need to respect them.

For example, take my friend Sophie and I.  Sophie happens to be an Iowa State Cyclone fan and everyone knows Mrs. Kurt is an avid Iowa Hawkeye fan.  We decided to have a little fun with our differing opinions and each wear our University of Iowa and Iowa State shirts on the same day.  We showed that although we may not agree on which team is the best, we do respect each other's opinions!

Thanks for being a good sport, Sophie, and for helping us learn that it is O.K. to have a different opinion!

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