Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Successful Hatch!

Well, today was the day!  We experienced our first successful hatch of this school year.  As you know, we received six eggs on April 30 to put in the incubator.  When we arrived at school this morning, we found one of the eggs will a little piece of the shell missing and a few tiny cracks.

It's the tan one on the left side!

 Following our Specialist time in Spanish, we checked again and discovered the hole getting a little bigger and we could even hear peeping sounds.  We headed to our chair pouches to grab Our Chick Journals and decided to make an entry about our observations.


We noticed that hatching chicks do not really like lots of noise so we tried to be really quiet.  While we were gone to Mrs. Fifield and Mrs. Holtz's fourth grade classroom, our first chick popped out of the egg.  We did not see it but Mrs. Schlagel was able to capture the hatch on video and posted it to YouTube.  I will send you the link tomorrow if you are interested.

When we returned from fourth grade, this is what we saw...



We decided baby chicks are NOT very cute right after they hatch.  After a few hours in the incubator, we prepared the box where the chick (and hopefully it's siblings) will be living in our classroom.  After school I put the new chick in the box with some food, water and a heat lamp.

The newest member of our classroom!

It was a very exciting day in Kindergarten Plus!

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