Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fourth Grade Story Problems

A couple of weeks ago, the fourth grade students in Mrs. Fifield and Mrs. Holtz's class asked if we could help them with a math project.  They were going to create story problems for kindergartners.  In doing this, the fourth graders had to be authors to write the problems and like most authors, they needed to do some research.  They visited our classroom and interviewed the kindergarten students to learn about them, their interests and what kinds of problems they liked to do.



Now, the fourth graders have been working hard.  They conducted research, wrote problems, edited their work, printed their problems using the computer and even found graphics to go with them.  This morning, they invited us to their classroom to actually see the finished product and to see if we could solve the problems they created.  





It was really great to see the fourth grade students take ownership of this project.  They did an excellent job and the kindergartners really enjoyed solving problems with them.  It was especially fun for Mrs. Kurt to see some of her former students, too.  Thank you fourth grade students!

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