Monday, December 5, 2016

What is a Scientist?

Last week, we launched a new unit of study on weather.  Before we started, we spent some time trying to figure out what a scientist is!  We started by listing our ideas of what a scientist is using a blue marker on our chart paper.  Then we read a really cool book...

…and added some new ideas to our list in green!

We found some pictures of scientists and decided to hang them up with our new chart.  Turns out Kindergartners are scientists!  How cool is that??


Today we got our new Science Notebooks.  Real scientists observe things, like the weather.  Observe means to look closely.  Real scientists record their observations or data so we started recording our observations in these new notebooks today.  First we drew pictures of ourselves as scientists…


…then we recorded what the weather was like today.  We also added some writing about what wind is.  Ask your kindergartner if they know what wind is.  It is quite simply moving air.  I hoe they can tell you that!


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