Tuesday, December 13, 2016

All About Bears

Last Friday when we went to Library, we had the most awesome experience.  Mrs. Horton taught us lots about bears.  She started out by having this large, black bag on her stool.  We were very curious about what was inside.  When she opened it up, we were so excited!  It was a BEAR…but not a real bear.  Just a stuffed one.  She showed us a tracking device that scientists use to track bears in the wild.  She also showed us an ear tag.  Cool!


Next we tried to guess what she would show us.  She told us to put our hands on our heads and feel that hard bone, or skull, that protects our brains.  You may have guessed it…the next item she showed us was the skull from a real black bear!  It was hard, too.


Mrs. Horton told us about lots of different kinds of bears.  To help us understand the size of bears better, she had some ropes.  The first rope was the same length as a sun bear.  You may have seen a sun bear at the Minnesota Zoo.  The second rope was to show us the size of a black bear, the kind you might see in the wild in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


The last rope she brought out was the length of a polar bear…WOW!  It was huge!!!

When we checked out our books, we had an opportunity to check out and even touch the artifacts that she showed us.  It was an amazing time in the Library.  Thank you, Mrs. Horton!



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