Friday, December 16, 2016

Gingerbread Houses

There was so much excitement in Kindergarten today you could almost feel it!  Yes, it was our gingerbread house day!  We read about it in our message...

…and had a wonderful discussion during our Interactive Read Aloud of the book Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett.

We had to spend some time getting all of supplies and room ready for the big event.



We even had the help of some special elves to get the candy decorations ready for us.  Many thanks to Samantha Otis (E.J.'s mom), Becky Johnson (Maveryck's mom) and Amber Kissner (Malia's mom) for coming in early and getting the decorations ready.  You rock!

Then it was time for the fun to begin!  Thanks so much to everyone who came today to make this one of the best days ever in Kindergarten.  Thanks also to everyone who donated candy decorations.  It was so fun to see kids and their parents working together to create these masterpieces.  Enjoy the photos!






















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