Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Santa Lucia

Today was an exciting day in Kindergarten.  We learned about the celebration of Santa Lucia.  This is a tradition that originated in the country of Sweden and takes place on December 13.  We had a very special guest come to our classroom…Mrs. Terry Kissner, Malia's grandmother.  She told us all about Santa Lucia and how their family celebrates this special day each year!

Malia dressed in a traditional Santa Lucia costume as Mrs. Kissner told about the artifacts she brought to our class.  The students loved it!



One of the highlights was sampling the pepparkakor cookies.  These are a thin Swedish ginger cookie, like gingerbread, that is deeply spiced and flavored with molasses.



Mrs. Kissner also read us the story The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren.  We loved hearing the story and learning about how families have different traditions that they celebrate!





Malia showed us a fabric with tomtens on it and then we did a coloring sheet on Santa Lucia.  It was a wonderful presentation.  Many thanks to Mrs. Kissner for taking time out of her busy day to teach us about their family tradition.  We love learning about our friends and their families!

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