Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pumpkin Investigation

Monday was all about pumpkins.  Pumpkin stories, pumpkin sequencing activities, pumpkin math, pumpkin poems and a pumpkin investigation!  We started by reading the book It's Pumpkin Time! by Zoe Hall.  We learned all about growing pumpkins so we followed up by doing a pumpkin sequencing activity.  We had to color the pictures, cut them out and then glue them in the correct sequence.  Ask your kindergartner what sequence means!




After lunch, we decided to do our pumpkin investigation!


We started out describing the outside of the pumpkin.  Then we estimated how many lines were on the pumpkin.  After we estimated, we counted to see how many there were for sure.



Next, we had to estimate how much the pumpkin weighed.  After we estimated, we took it to the nurse's office to weigh it on the scale in her office.  It actually weighed fourteen and a half pounds!



For the last part of our investigation, we had to predict whether or not we thought a pumpkin could float.  We used tally marks to mark what we thought.  What do you think happened?



It floated.  So cool.  Here are the results of our investigation...

Our pumpkin math activity was filling in ten frames to match the number on each pumpkin.  We did a really good job.



We had a very fun day!

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