Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Physical Education

On Cycle Day 2, you will find our class in the gym for specialist time enjoying some physical education with some pretty awesome people…Mr. Chad Nelson, Mrs. Gayle Mueller and Miss Anna Schmidt.


Mr. Nelson is our Physical Education teacher.  He is assisted by Eagan High School Mentor Student Miss Anna Schmidt and our Adaptive Physical Education teacher Mrs. Gayle Mueller.  This amazing group of people put together some great activities for us to participate in on Cycle Day 2!

Mr. Nelson has an All Star board in the gym.  Each week or so, he chooses an All Star from each classroom.  This All Star is a good role model and tries to be their best self throughout the class.  When the All Star is chosen, their picture is displayed on the board in the gym.  This week's All Star from our class is Aaron.  Please join me in congratulating our friend Aaron on this great accomplishment!


Our class started a new unit in P.E. today on bowling.  We had to be really good listeners so we would know what to do throughout the class.  Mr. Nelson explained everything to us and we were off to bowl in our groups.  As you will see from the photos, we did a great job!






We really had to work together for this activity.  It was lots of fun and the good news is we get to do this a few more times so we can't wait to come back to the gym on Cycle Day 2!  Thank you, Mr. Nelson, Mrs. Mueller and Miss Schmidt for all you do for our class.

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