Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Each day at 1:05 P.M., our class heads to specialists.  Today it was Cycle Day 1 and we went to Art class with Mrs. Katie Collins.  Mrs. Collins' room has a rug just like the one in our classroom so when we arrive, we gather there just like we do in our classroom.  She uses the same common language so we know just what to do…gather area, gather perimeter, velcro pockets…ask your kindergartener to explain these terms to you.  



When we arrive, we gather on the rug and Mrs. Collins explains what we will be doing for the day.  We were especially excited today because we got to paint our pinch pots that we made out of clay!  I think you will see by the faces in these photos that we loved Art class today!






Thank you, Mrs. Collins, for teaching us so much cool stuff in Art each week.  We love it!

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